Hey Beautiful,

Thanks for being here to understand my story. I'm 35 and a mum and live with my Fiance in Yorkshire. 

For the last 12 years I've been a Senior Buyer for a large National Retailer and I'm a GAP partnership trained Strategic and advanced level negotiator. Being in that role taught me a lot about Leadership and Empowerment. However when my Mum and Both Grandad's both passed away within the space of 2 years. While I was Grief-stricken, I had so much in my life to distract me from my pain therefore I carried on, much like many I had seen around me, I wasn't brought up to sit with emotions or admit where I had darkness - and I followed the beaten road to what success meant to my family.


Outwardly I had success, Nice detached house, Family & Friends, Range Rover, no debt, holidays but I had become detached from who I really was and was not at peace with myself. Unfortunately, that meant I was also surrounded by friends who had similar insecurities and because of my childhood programming of chronic people pleasing, I had ignored my intuition in favour of my ego and built a life that ticked every outward box but not my heart. Once I had my son I realised its time to show him that you can build a life you really enjoy, not tolerate, and that comes from being your best self.  It wasn't until I went back to work after maternity leave that I realised I needed to take responsibility for how I was feeling underneath and that I wasn't really in alignment with who I really was. I had created a persona to survive a harsh environment, one that was competitive and cut throat and I had survived the only way I knew how, much like everyone else, but its time for change. After Grief I'd become really stuck to my comfort zone because in loosing so many family members I'd lost my inner sense of safety and became fearful of more change.

From that transformational experience, I developed a passion for Wellness, Spirituality, Mindset and Energy Healing and in Jan 2020, I hung up my Buyer coat to become a Certified Life coach, NLP Practitioner, Reiki and Sound Healer after finding I needed to make Wellness and Mindset more of a priority for me and my little family to live our best life.   I had what's called a spiritual awakening where I realised I was able to be who I really am and had a greater understanding of how our energy interacts with the rest of the universe.  It took 5 years from my mother passing to be ready for making the changes and it doesn't have to be that long. Self improvement is vital, we're not here to stay the same all the way through life. We're here to learn and evolve and become better people, not beat down by circumstance. It inspires others to do the same and create a better world. So my way of giving back is to Empower Women on their journey back to themselves so they can find who they are underneath everything they were told they had to be, take care of themselves spiritually and help them find comfort in being who they really are, monetizing it and co-creating a life that fulfills them and their families and fulfilling what their soul is here in this incarnation to do.

​I live by the mantra, that your money is replaceable, your time is not and often we live this mantra the wrong way around. Your time is not promised, so don't waste another second putting up with anything that doesn't feel great. Change it.

So if you need help moving forward, shifting your mindset to serve you, rather than hinder you then get in touch and let me coach you to building your very best life, standing in your authenticity, your love, your energy, and power with self love and confidence, so the Universe reflects back at you the very same.

Your new life awaits, it's only one decision away.

Love and Gratitude



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