Hello and welcome,

So abit about my background. I'm a mum to my 4 year old son and to one border terrier rescue and I live with my Fiance in Yorkshire. 

For the last 12 years I've been a Senior Buyer for a large National Retailer and I'm a GAP partnership trained Strategic and advanced level negotiator. Being in that role taught me a lot about Leadership and Empowerment. I was fortunate that by 30 I'd reached all my life goals as a teenager when it came to the house I'd live in, what car I'd drive, what my annual salary would be and living a jet set lifestyle travelling the world sourcing product multiple times a year, as well as a large circle of friends and family.


What I didn't account for or even appreciate, was how much I'd have to change who I was in order to be successful in corporate world and that really my need to have a certain level of success what down to certain emotional wounds I'd not healed from my childhood. Retail buying was ultra-competitive and a hyper-masculine environment and I'd really had to harden all my edges to cut through. Whilst my natural empathic ability was highly advantageous in negotiation. I was living out of integrity with who I really was and I knew I wanted a meaningful career that made a real difference but for a long time I had no idea what. Whilst I loved my lifestyle in some ways, the pace and the demands of a jet-set lifestyle and high responsibility role took its toll on my body and I was also diagnosed with underactive thyroid in 2012.

In 2013 my Mum and grandad both passed after really short illnesses. It was a major blow but with so much going on in my career I was distracted enough to just carry on. At 28 I had no idea how to comprehend Loss and Grief and no one in my peer group really understood the significance of loosing a parent. In 2015 I then lost my other grandad and the Grief was stirred again. 

In 2016, I was blessed to bring my son into the world prematurely after falling ill with pre-eclampsia. The next 2 years rocked everything. On maternity leave I had no where to hide from the Grief I thought I'd escaped and coupled with a baby with milk intolerance who didn't sleep through for the first year, on top of my chronic fatigue with underactive thyroid. It was a challenging time but one I'd navigated with the support of my partner and a circle of mum friends I'd made.  It wasn't until after I realised the Universe has created a cooking pot and turned up the heat to shake me out of my comfort zone. There was no mistaking that things had to change and in 2018 I made a commitment that anything that didn't bring peace, respect, love or happiness was going to be removed to make room for what did. I had what's called a spiritual awakening where I realised I was able to be who I really am and had a greater understanding of how our energy interacts with the rest of the universe. Self improvement is vital, we're not here to stay the same all the way through life and I'd been avoiding it. We're here to learn how to love ourselves and others and evolve to become better people, not get beat down by circumstances. In rising it inspires others to do the same and create a better world.

From that transformational experience, I developed a passion for Wellness, Spirituality, Mindset and Energy Healing. In Jan 2020, I hung up my Buyer coat to retrain as a Life coach, NLP Practitioner, Reiki and Sound Healer. So I set up a holistic therapies business called The Healing Lounge and a separate coaching business.  

So my way of giving back is to Empower Women on their journey back to themselves so they can find who they are underneath everything they were told they had to be, take care of themselves spiritually and help them find their power in being who they really are, and co-creating a life that fulfills their soul.

​I live by the mantra that your money is replaceable, your time is not. We often live this mantra the wrong way around. Your time is not promised, so don't waste another second putting up with anything that doesn't feel great. Heal so you can change it.

Your new life awaits, it's only a decision away, you just have to decide and I have a toolkit of ways to help empower and transform.

Love and Gratitude


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